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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Q: Will carpet get dirty faster after it has been cleaned?

A: No. This is an old wives’ tale traced back to the days when carpets were cleaned by the shampoo method. The shampoo residue did cause rapid re-soiling. Today’s synthetic detergents do not leave a sticky residue behind.

Our powerful truck mount systems use a small amount of a very effective cleaning agent and recovers over 95% of all moisture. The end result is a clean carpet that will stay cleaner longer and be better able to withstand re-soiling. An application of carpet protector is also recommended by most carpet manufactures after cleaning to replace the stain resistance that wears off over time.

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Q: So what makes B & L better?

A: We use the latest well-maintained equipment; have technicians who are IICRC certified with years of experience; are licensed and insured; are owner-operated and locally owned which means you are doing business with “the boss”; we care what you think because we live here and depend upon your referrals and repeat business. We do not advertise extremely low prices and then arrive and pressure you into high actual costs. We love what we do and we do a GREAT job!!

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Q: How long does it take for the carpet to dry after cleaning?

A: Many factors such as ventilation, air movement, humidity, and type of carpet affect drying times, however most carpets dry between two and four hours.

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Q: I have a Stainmaster carpet, can you clean this?

A: We are IICRC certified and use equipment and chemicals that comply with the warranty on your carpet. Today's carpets have special protectors that must be handled with care. We Know how to clean these special carpets to maintain your warranty. Beware of cleaners who do not use the proper chemicals who may void your warranty and remove the protectors!

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Q: What should I do after the carpet has been cleaned?

A: Your carpet will be slightly damp for several hours. During this time limit any traffic on the carpet, and wear socks or clean house slippers. We can supply you with booties as well. No furniture should be moved until the carpet is completely dry.

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Other Questions?

Have another question you don't see answered here? Help us build this list! Contact us with your questions and suggestions and we will be happy to help. We are here to educate our clients about the maintenance and purchasing of floors. My goal is to dispel at least one myth a day. We are not just cleaners, we are professionals.

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